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Hey y'all,

I'm a super beginner at makeup. I decided to sign up for ipsy so that I could try things because I get so overwhelmed at the stores and the idea of a makeup counter frightens me! People, eep! My August bag had this Pixi Mascara in it. I've used other mascara recently, like Lash Accelerator by Rimmel London, and some from Manic Panic. This time, with the Pixi, the rim of my upper lashes on one side became kind of sore immediately after use. At first I thought the mascara clumped together weirdly and liked tugged on my lashes. I don't really know if this is plausible; it is nonetheless what I figured. It's not red or bumpy or anything. It's just...sore. That's the best I can think to describe it. So I tried to like just let it sort itselfs out and it bothered me all day.

I was curious if anyone here has had a similar experience? Or did I find some new special way to injure myself? lol

The idea that it might be some mild allergic reaction of some kind just came to me, though with it being just the one side I'm skeptical of that conclusion.
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In this post, we'll cover the basics of your face makeup and how to figure out what products you need.

Skin tone )

Choosing a foundation )

Adding color )

Again, I'm happy to take questions. I've still got a post for eyes and a post for lips coming up, so stay tuned.
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When I found this comm a few weeks ago, I immediately noticed that the last couple of public posts were from beginners looking for help and that there weren't any basic resource posts. I thought I'd try to rectify that with a little beauty 101.

Before you begin with makeup, it pays to know what skin type you have. Your skin type determines how you need to care for your face, and what types of products tend to work the best for you. Proper skin care can help give you a better canvas to work with, which often means your makeup will wear better and you can use less of it.

There are five basic skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, and Sensitive.

Skin types )

The next most important part of good makeup is the tools you use. You're probably familiar with the small brushes, sponge-tip applicators, and powder puffs that come with many drugstore cosmetics. While these will work and can be useful for an occasional touch-up away from home, they're not the best tools for the job. A good set of makeup brushes will make a world of difference in how products go on.

The variety of brushes available can be a little overwhelming, but there are some basics that most people will use frequently.

Brushes and other tools )

I'm happy to take questions and will try to answer them to the best of my ability and knowledge.

I also hope to get a few more posts written up soon that touch on basic cosmetics for each area of the face, and on beauty and makeup resources.
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Just as the last person posting here -[personal profile] cathstar- I've little to no experience with make-up. I've seen the foundation link provided, but would really love to keep it lighter and wondered about very very basic tutorials on how to choose eye shadow/lipstick/blush/eye liner/and what not, how to put it on etc. Also hairdos would be great. I've never been a big reader of the teenage feminine press (only when on trips with friends and there was not much else to do) so I really have no clue, but want to look at possibilities to make myself more feminine (looking) - at least at times where it would come in handy (job interviews, for boyfriend, special outings, ...), so anything "dressing up" is welcome - there doesn't seem to be a post with such links in this community yet, so any and all ideas welcome.
(As you see I have no clue where to start out and what to look for.)

Hope it gets a little bit livelier here. :)
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So, I've just started wearing makeup (after 18 years of being makeup free, D:)

And I was just wondering what's the best kind of foundation to use for beginner's like me? I've been using Loreal's True Match Liquid Foundation and Concealer and it's been doing a pretty good job. I'm tempted to buy the mineral version, just to check it out.

I don't really have that much money, I'm a student on a fixed allowance. Any good foundation on the cheap side? Or really good, expensive makeup I have to save up for?

*Oh and on a really n00b level, I just wanna know, how do you pick your shade? I've read that you're not supposed to compare colors using your wrist color and I got the right foundation shade using that one clear thingy Loreal has. So, tips?
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My hair is fairly long, slightly thin, and has been flat-ironed for years to the point where the waves are nearly non-existant anymore. Recently I bought a 1 3/4" curling iron on a whim when I decided to try for Edwardian curls, and even at the hottest temperature my hair falls mostly limp, only holding a wide spiral at the very bottom. Even with hairspray it doesn't seem to do very much on the top half of each curl attempt. I was wondering if that's because of the size of the iron (possibly way too big?), the length of my hair, or that my hair was nearly beaten to death to being straight that it refuses to do anything else.

Any suggestions for a curling rookie? I'm going more for barrel curls than ringlets.
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Hi All,

I just wanted to share with the community a delightful oil based perfume company called Possets. I heard about them from a friend around a year ago and absolutely adore the scents. It's not traditional spray perfume but if you know what BPAL is then you know the type of perfume I'm talking about :) I tend to like Possets' scents better than most BPAL ones (personally) and have had excellent service from the owner. The scents are affordable and she releases new ones seasonally. If you're unsure of what you might like, there's the option of sample packs (6 scents) which is what I tried originally. She does offer some of the scents as bath products courtesy of Villainess and Lathers and Lights  which I haven't tried out yet. I'm really excited to do so soon though! My personal favorites are Silver Violets and Madame X, both of which are awesome for layering with sprays or other perfumes.

If you check this out, I hope you like the scents!

skin care

May. 12th, 2009 05:11 pm
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What are your favourite products for all over skin care? I'm looking for body skin care, not face. I have somewhat sensitive skin, but since I've started taking care of the rest of me, I figured my skin should be on the list, too.
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Anyone have suggestions for what to do for the in-between stages of clothes when doing some major weight loss? I just started a program that should help me drop a large amount of weight. (I've already done 20 on my own in the last few months.) I only have one pair of pants that fits me at this point (and it's only going to get worse), and I'm sick of ironing dresses (which are more forgiving in fluctuating sizes).

I'm on a bit of a budget since I just became unemployed as well, and if I'm only going to fit into a couple months, I don't want to spend a ton on it, anyway. Anyone have some good ideas, aside from learning how to sew a potato sack into something appropriate?


Apr. 30th, 2009 07:56 pm
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Hi -

Feel free to post about a variety of beauty topics: makeup, fashion, hair, etc. Pictures welcome, too!
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